Welcome to the EU-SOL BreeDB database

This site hosts data-sets collected within the framework of the European project EU-SOL. This site is roughly divided into two sections. Data on the tomato core collection and data on experimental populations:

Tomato core collection

The tomato core collection is composed of ~7000 domesticated (S. lycopersicum) lines, along with representative wild species. This germplasm was generously provided by different international genebanks and by donations from private collections.

The collection is maintained and curated by the group of Dani Zamir (The Hebrew university of Jerusalem) and Richard Finkers (Wageningen UR Plant Breeding).

Experimental populations

A set of new and well-known experimental IL, RIL, F2, and Advanced backcross populations of tomato and potato are characterized within the scope of EU-SOL. Trait data, marker data and QTL data can be visualised for each of these populations.


The experimental data has been collected by different partners within the scope of the EU-SOL project. A list of data providing institutes / companies can be found under the link About.


This Integrated Project is supported by the European Commission through the 6th framework program. Contract number: FOOD-CT-2006-016214

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