About the tomato core collection

We have assembled a tomato core collection composed of ~7000 domesticated (S. lycoperiscum) lines, along with representative wild species. This germplasm was generously provided by different international sources and are covered by Material Transfer Agreements (MTA).

In the summer of 2007, the EU-SOL Core Collection (~2 plants per genotype) was planted in Akko, Israel using the agronomic technique of metal staking to facilitate phenotyping and the handling of indeterminate plants.

The EU-SOL Core Collection is amenable for searching according to a phenotypic catalog of key descriptors and combinations of these traits. The phenotypes were determined visually with a focus of qualitative traits usually determined by a single gene:

  • Fruit fasciations - (Fascinated or not).
  • Fruit cracking - (Cracking or not).
  • Plant habit - (Determinate or indeterminant).
  • Leaf shape - (Regular, potato leaf or other).
  • Inflorescence structure - (Regular, compound, forked).
  • Uniform ripening - (Uniform or green shoulders).
  • Fruit color - (Red, orange, yellow, peach, pink, green, dark red)
  • Fruit size - (pimp, cherry, cocktail, processing, cluster, large, very large)
  • Fruit shape - (Round, flat, ovate, block, heart, flattened, cylindrical, pear)
  • Fruit epidermis (Transparent or Yellow)
  • Leaf veins (Green or Transparent)